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Hello! My name is Oliwia Blaszak. I'm a Polish designer from a small traditional folk town, currently living in London. My artwork is characterised by a distinct cartooning and doodling style.

Older 2D animations are the most significant factor in my artistic growth. I've always been in amazement of Disney's beauty, colours, and the variety of feelings and emotions that 2D animation can evoke. Since I was a little child, I've been intrigued by the traditional Polish fairytales my mother used to tell me as well as numerous animations from vintage cassettes or cartoons shown on Polish television. They inspired me to create my own art, and they continue to serve as my top source of inspiration as I grow.


My work is characterised by the use of collage imagery and a combination of different mediums, including watercolour and ink. While many artists are switching to digital creativity these days, I want highlight the beauty and passion that handmade artworks contain.


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